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NOW PLAYING Special EditionPlayboy's 4th of July with Sarah Summers and Eugenia Diordiychuk
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This 4th of July, join Cybergirls Sarah Summers and Eugenia Diordiychuk for some beer, barbecue and a very sexy, Playboy-style pool party. “We showed up to the party really early, so Eugenia and I got to hang out and get to know each other,” says Sarah. “Yeah, we had a lot of fun today,” agrees Eugenia. “We played around and laughed a lot!” As the party heats up, the clothes start to come off, and let’s just say that the results are more spectacular than any fireworks display we’ve ever seen. “Today was my first time shooting with another girl,” says Sarah. “I’ve never done anything like this before. It was so fun and easy – we totally hit it off, and everything came really naturally.” Eugenia couldn’t agree more. “I’ve shot with other girls before, but this was different,” she says. “Sarah is such a fun and beautiful girl – and she’s got great breasts, too!” In fact, Sarah and Eugenia hit it off so well that they made plans to hang out after the party, but we’ll have to leave that up to your imagination. “I prefer the pool, because America doesn’t have many nude beaches,” pouts Eugenia. “Those are my favorite, because they’re so free – you really feel the sun and sand on your body.” America’s a free country, so we don’t see why not, and Sarah wholeheartedly concurs. “Maybe you should take me to the Ukraine,” she says. “Oh, yes,” says Eugenia. “I think you would like it!” Like it, love it, you’ll want some more of it – so sit back and have yourself a very, very happy 4th of July, right here on Playboy.

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