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Coed Abigale Alayne is the girl you wished who shared your dorm. She is the hot sorority cheerleader who you watched more at games then what was happening on the field. This honey haired, blue-eyed, girl next door is what University is all about. A student at The University of Texas, Abigale went to her first casting call in Houston and from the moment she walked through the doors we had no choice but to sign her on as a hot Coed as soon as possible. For her first video and photo shoot with us, Abigale stripped down to nothing but a white half top and yellow panties (no bras allowed), commandeered a bike on set and showed us just how flexible she is by stretching it out on the floor, and then turning the tables on our videographer by grabbing his camera.

Flirty, funny and sexy, what more could you ask for from this gorgeous model? Check out her Facetime interview where she spills on how to win a date with her, her unfulfilled fantasy and who she really wants to date? Pst, Cooper Hefner, this one’s for you.

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  • Anonymous
    very very nice thanks for you pics
  • Anonymous
    If only we met in a different universe where you weren't a model and i wasn't a nobody :)
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