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Cybergirl Lexi Marlow is so, so sexy in this video by Jose Luis and Chris Binney. They say that everything is bigger in Texas, but one look at Lexi tell us that everything must be sexier, too. “For this set, Jose and his stylist dressed me in a really sexy pair of leather pants,” she says. “My legs are my favorite part of my body – I’m 5’8”, so they’re really long – and I really got the chance to show ‘em off.” Legs are one of our favorite body parts, too, but we think Lexi looks good from head to toe. “I’m tall, so for me to be into a guy, he’s gotta be at least as tall as I am,” she says. “The taller, the better! I’m talkin’ six feet or more, with a nice build. Dark hair and blue eyes are just icing on the cake.”

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