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NOW PLAYING AmateursBackyard Babe with Mandy Kay
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Amateur Mandy Kay is very simply pleasurable in this video by Jose Luis and Chris Binney. All natural, with brown hair, brown eyes and some very serious curves, Miss Kay got our attention right away. “A casting director from Playboy sent me an email,” she says. “He said there would be a casting in Dallas, and I was thrilled! Posing nude is such a rush for me, and you’ve got to admit – naked even sounds good!” Sounds good to us, indeed – in little more than a white button-up and panties, Mandy traipses around the yard, revealing herself bit by titillating bit. Needless to say, this is one pretty little lady we’d love to move next door to. “When it comes to men, my biggest turn-ons are stubble and a little chest hair,” admits Mandy. “I don’t know why. It’s just so masculine!” Let the delectable Miss Kay win you over with her feminine charms, right here on Playboy.

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