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NOW PLAYING InternationalBella Donna with Carmen Vantini
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Hot Italian Carmen Vantini turns heads and wins hearts in this sensual video by Michele Lombardo. In a skimpy little bikini, Carmen has some fun in the sun with her water gun – and with her white T-shirt soaked to the skin, she decides to strip down and sunbathe in the nude. Watch as she slips out of her top, her natural breasts well-formed and full, and feel your heart beating as she lets her bottoms drop to the ground. Laid out on a lounger in all of her natural beauty and youth, she’s the girl of every guy’s dreams – or at the very least, every guy’s fantasies. “When it comes to men,” says Carmen, “I want a gentleman. Someone who will treat me like a lady.” Brush up on those manners, guys, ‘cause Carmen is one little lady you won’t want to miss.

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