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British model Ann Denise is as hot as it gets in this sexy video from producer Joby Rawlins. A busty brunette from Manchester, England, Ann is an experienced glamour model – but it is her first time posing nude for Playboy, and she’s very pleased with the results. “For this set, I wore a bright floral bra and a really cute pair of panties,” says Ann. “The light was great, late morning and streaming through the windows. Very fresh, and very, very sexy.” Can’t argue with that – with winter tugging at our coattails, Ann is just the breath of fresh air we’ve been waiting for. “I just love Playboy,” she says. “The female body is so beautiful – who wouldn’t want to show it off? “I think that Playboy is the best in the business, and this was a definite high point in my career. Hopefully they’ll have me back!” Here’s hoping – if you’re a fan of Ann’s, leave her some love with some comments and likes.

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