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This Mash-Up Monday, get in the mood with Playboy fan favorites Jade Elizabeth, Carly Madison, Mandie Sue, Layla Rose and Kali Murphy as they share all their intimate fantasies, sex tips, favorite positions and much, much more. “I’d say I have a great sexual appetite,” says Mandie, breaking the ice. “I mean, who doesn’t love having sex?” Cute blonde Carly agrees. “When it comes to sex, I want it 24/7,” she says. When it comes to positions, Jade Elizabeth has you covered – literally. “One of my favorite positions is being on top,” she says. “You’re in control. But I like to experiment – if a guy knows how to work it in missionary, that’s fine!” Layla Rose lets us know, “In the bedroom, I can be dominant,” she says. “No whip and handcuffs, but I can tell you what to do!” Kali’s a little more submissive. “I like a man who knows what he wants,” she says. “It really turns me on when a guy manhandles me!” In this case, entertainment for men is all about entertainment for women – so sit back and get a little frisky with Confessions Vol. 1, right here on Playboy.

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