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Busty Playmate Dani Mathers is so, so dangerous in this video from Playboy. Shot on location in Joshua Tree, California, this video has Dani at her absolute hottest. It’s high noon, the sun is searing hot, and so is Miss Mathers – barely dressed, she hops into a vintage 70’s Chevelle and makes tracks on the dusty dirt road, revolver in hand. A naked girl, a classic car and a little ammunition – what more could you want in a video, or from a Playmate, for that matter? “I’m a fearless person,” says Dani. “I like to take risks. I mean, I was on Playboy Trip, so I’ll try anything at least twice! If I die jumping out of a plane, then I’ll go out doing something I love.” Death-defying though she may be, she’s life-affirming in this video – if Dani doesn’t get your heart beating and pulse racing, then we don’t know what will. Click click, bang bang – get to it, guys, this baby’s our Miss May 2014.

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