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Cybergirl of the Month Sarah Summers is a force of nature in this sensual video from Holly Randall. A platinum blonde with generous natural breasts and long, slender legs, Sarah cleans up very, very nicely, but if you ask her, she feels most at home outdoors, getting down and dirty in the desert heat. “As many of you know, I grew up in Arizona,” she says. “The outdoors were a really big part of my life there, and I grew up hiking and fishing. Out there in the desert, I really feel at one with nature – it’s so good to get out of LA and appreciate all that nature has to offer!” Speaking of natural beauty, Mother Nature really broke the mold when she made Sarah, and as she undresses in front of the camera, she’s totally irresistible. “If I could be an animal,” she muses, “ I think I’d be a dolphin. I think they’re beautiful – and they’re the only other species that has sex for pleasure.”

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