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NOW PLAYING CybergirlsFree Spirit with Lana James
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Raven-haired Cybergirl Lana James is very, very flexible in this sexy video by Jose Luis and Chris Binney. Fitted in a tight black crop top and panties, not to mention a pair of black stockings, Lana’s dressed for a workout, but she’s got a lot more on her mind than her stretches. She slips out of her top, and her panties are soon to follow – if you thought she looked good in her clothes, just wait until you see her in the nude. “When it comes to sex, it not about how big it is – it’s how you use it,” says Lana, matter-of-fact. “The biggest paintbrush doesn’t always make the boldest art.” Well said, Miss James – from a work of art like yourself, we’ll take your word for it.

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  • Anonymous
    Aww so sweet ... she is beautifull :') I love this vid..