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There’s no denying the sexy playmate Pamela Horton has had a wild year as the Playboy’s Gamer Next Door. She’s gone to the hottest conventions, Blizzcon, San Diego Comic Con and CES to name a few, has traveled around America for exclusive PlayStation and Xbox unveilings and has had the pleasure review some of the hottest games around. But what does she think about the latest next-gen consoles? With Microsoft’s $500 Xbox One and Sony’s $400 PlayStation 4 currently facing-off on the next-gen console war’s frontlines, the battle we’ve been buzzing about for months has officially begun. And, as game addicts craving fresh ways to save the world, rescue the princess, exterminate extraterrestrials, and spill undead innards, we couldn’t be happier! Harnessing enough horses under the hood to power the Death Star, both boxes deliver detail-drenched, realism-ratcheting, retina-searing experiences to rival those of dedicated gaming PCs. More than just making it look that much prettier when we open zombies from balls to brains, though, both machines boast future-looking features—from slick social-integration to clever new controllers—that promise to change the way we game. While their solid launch line-ups and sprawling selection of non-gaming options will keep the media-consuming masses entertained long after the ball drops this New Year’s eve, expect horsepower-pushing entries like Halo, Titanfall, Destiny, Uncharted, and infamous: Second Son to further justify your new hardware purchase years after the blood’s dried on this console war’s battlefield. 
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