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NOW PLAYING Special EditionGamer Next Door Review NBA 2K14
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Pamela Horton thinks NBA 2k14 is nothing but net. 

Who doesn’t love a good sports video game? Gamer Next Door Pamela Horton headed down to San Francisco to get her hands one the latest installment of the 2K sports franchise, NBA 2k14, to take it on a test run. You’ve probably seen screen caps of the incredible lifelike graphics floating around the web for some time now and let us tell you it does not do the game justice. This is next level! As she tested out her moves with the new controls in the “Training Camp” mode, she hit the digital court and started dunking three pointers in no time! She also tried her hand at the exclusive "LeBron: Path to Greatness" mode available exclusively on the old gen consoles, PlayStation 3 and Xbox. While you won’t be able to play it on your PS4 and Xbox One, the incredible next gen graphics will be worth it! Pamela Horton also got to speak with Lead Gameplay Designer Mike Wang on what kind of changes long time gamers can expect for the latest installment of NBA 2k and what makes this the best NBA game on the market. 
Do you think this game lived up to the hype? Let Pamela Horton know your answer by tweeting her @GamerNextDoor!

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