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Amateur Rachel Lynn Owen goes for the gold in this seductive video by Jose Luis and Chris Binney. Our dark-haired beauty has come a long, long way from rural Arkansas – seen here in a gilt-framed Texas mansion, decked out in a pink lace bra and panties, we’d say that she’s well on her way to a successful modeling career. “This is my first time posing nude,” says Rachel. “I’ve known Jose for a while, and he always told me that I should pose for Playboy. I wasn’t ready then – but I’m ready now!” Ready, set, go for it, Miss Owen. “People tell me that my eyes are my best feature, but I think that my best asset is my booty,” she says. “I just love it!” The feeling is most definitely mutual.

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  • Anonymous
    She shows her sexy butt in this video, she bends over and spreads apart her sexy butt! Great video!