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NOW PLAYING CybergirlsGypsy Queen with Rivi Madison
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Cybergirl Rivi Madison is definitely in the cards in this video by Holly Randall. Raven-haired Rivi reads your fortune, and to hear her tell it, the future is very, very steamy. In soft candlelight, Rivi slips out of her peasant’s blouse and skirt, and as she reclines in the harem, and surrounded by silks and tapestries, she’s the richest material in the room. You’ll be lulled into a dream as Rivi twists and turns, her porcelain skin in contrast to her sleek black hair. Pick a card, any card, it really doesn’t matter – with or without clothes, all signs point to Rivi.

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  • modelcircle
    she can read my future anytime :)