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NOW PLAYING CybergirlsBeach is Better with Jennifer Vaughn
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Cybergirl Jennifer Vaughn is a true beauty in this video by Holly Randall.

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  • jlog3000
    Jennifer Vaughn looks spectacular, even while resting on a hammock.
  • timmer_fiftyone
    Lovin' the new video you are so sexy and what a great view could not ask for much more then that , Jennifer you r lookin' as beautiful as ever def. 5 bunnies timmer_fiftyone
  • Tommie Butler
    Tommie Butler
    Love JV, these CGOY pic sets have been superb and the videos even hotter
  • Edward Schriner
    Edward Schriner
    Utterly beautiful!
  • Ray Boyer
    Ray Boyer
    Gorgous like always Need a Gold Bunny for that XXX
  • Kye Mykietiak
    Kye Mykietiak
    Absolutely Stunning! Each video is better than its predecessor. I look forward to more updates from the hottest Cyber Girl of the Year ever!
  • Matt Chesire
    Matt Chesire
    I hope you win Cyber Girl 2013! I hope i win that signed pic! ;)
  • Luke N
    Luke N
    Jennifer Vaughn is simply the best. She knows what we want to see and she give it to us. She is not only beautiful--many women are. She also has an outstanding personality and is obviously very intelligent--she makes the best videos here. Period. Very classy but revealing. The last part when she bends over is the best. She has been building up and making the viewer more and more wanting. And then, she just bends over all the way, and shows us what we want. Paradise Pleasures was probably the most revealing so far. This one is great too. I love how she opens her legs.
  • Luke N
    Luke N
    Now, my question is, why can't ALL videos be like this? In my opinion, you need to get Jennifer to direct the videos, or at least assist. It would improve quality greatly.
  • Jennifer Vaughn
    Jennifer Vaughn
    I'm so glad you like them, Tommie. :)
  • Mark
    Great vid, as always you look dynamite. Nothing beats a blonde goddess and you're the best of them
  • Jennifer Vaughn
    Jennifer Vaughn
    I'm already the reigning Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year 2013 ;)
  • Johann Bustin
    Johann Bustin
    Gorgeous JV...5 Bunnies @BustinSA
  • jlog3000
    You're welcome. Keep up the good work Miss CGOY! <3
  • oh jung suk
    oh jung suk
    work.. 노가대만 노가대가 아니었다. 노가대 말고 노가대 아닌 직업이 세상에 존재하는가??
  • Pedro Curiel
    Pedro Curiel
    Great pictorial Jen. You look great!
  • SK
    Beach is not better...its best when JV is there
  • Charles Thompson
    Charles Thompson
    Beautiful Jennifer, but you always are...
  • Ron
    Where is the 10 bunnies button??? Love ya Jenn
  • Bigfan
    Jennifer has the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen
  • John
    Would love to be in that hammock with you.
  • pete pochkowski
    pete pochkowski
    wow! Jennifer, you knock it out of the park again! your beauty is simply radiant and so sexy! I would love to see you make a run for Playmate of the Year...:)
  • Paul Osha
    Paul Osha
    Jennifer is simply outstanding!!!!!
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