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NOW PLAYING InternationalIt's Yours with Giulia Borio
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Italian stunner Giulia Borio is all yours in this hot and steamy video from producer Michele Lombardo. Done up in a blue lace bra and panties, her long blonde hair tousled over her shoulders, Giulia waits patiently for you to get home. The table’s set for two, but forget the wine and food, ‘cause sweet Giulia wants to go straight to dessert – and all laid out on the table, nude and ready, she’s just about as delicious as they come. You don’t have to book a ticket to Milan to get your fill of Giulia – she’s smooth, lithe and ready for you, right here on Playboy Plus. “Love is free,” she says, seductive. “Hands down, my biggest turn-on is the right thing to say at the right time.”

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