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Get ready for Jody Lee as she displays her sexy body for her pictorial and for this film-event we've named Exotic Instincts. Exotic is one of the many flattering adjectives we can apply to this sublime woman with an Indian background.. Jody Lee is a Cybergirl of startling beauty with her lovely dusky complexion, long dark hair, bright eyes, and a wonderfully endowed chest. Jody told us a little bit about herself and what made her the astonishing woman she is today. “I’m adopted,” she confides in us. “My parents are white, and I was raised with two brothers with special needs. They made me the woman I am today – patient, kind and loving, with a big heart. I didn’t have the traditional Indian family life, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”  She currently works as a medical assistant in San Jose, California but she also has a passion for modelling and is a lifelong Playboy fan. We just had to share Jody Lee with the world so we made this video of her on the set of her photoshoot, and she’s a real dish decked out in leopard print bra (a bra that highlights her impressive 34 Double-Ds). Treat your eyes and watch Jody Lee in the video above.

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  • Anonymous
    Natural beauty, with such innocent eyes. Wow... Give me a minute to catch my breathe