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NOW PLAYING Coed GirlsJustine Miller - Black Widow
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Justine Miller proves that Vegas is a lucky city after all, this Las Vegas native (she was born there and still dwells in Sin City) is a sure bet, in fact we feel like winners just by putting our eyes on her. She beat the odds and showed up her peers, the ones who told her she’d never be a model and never make it onto Playboy because of her tiny and nubile frame: in her Facetime interview she explained to us that the haters told her that her natural 32A bust and 5' 2" height and 93 pound weight meant she could never be a glamour model...why? Because she needs big breasts to make it. Fortunately she has a shapely frame and an engaging look meaning she has has everything she needs to conquer the modelling world. See for yourself and take some pleasure in viewing Justine Miller here in Black Widow. Dressed in a black strap bra and bottoms, which highlights and shows off her heavenly bod, she luxuriates outside in the sun and proves why she’s the perfect example of the true Playboy girl. In nature the female black widow spider demands that her male mate give up everything, including his life, to mate with her...wouldn’t you do anything for Justine?

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  • Anonymous
    much better!!! 8 stars !! lol i like what you did with your hands?? lol ha very sexy !! weapon 'x' one
  • Anonymous
    it was awful! I want to see nude girls to took off their clothes!