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NOW PLAYING AmateursKasara Larson - Sensual Smoothies
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Kasara Larson is an eye catching and heart stealing. slender blonde with inviting brown eyes who stands at 5' 6" and has a very enjoyable all natural 34C bust. She’s originally from Boise, Idaho, but lives in and is in love with Las Vegas where she works as a dancer and model. You’re going to love watching the time we spent with her and the fun and sexy footage we shot of Kasara letting loose and letting us get to know her a little bit better. First we begin with a little light hearted but still very seductive dancing from Kasara dressed up as a unicorn. Then after revealing one of her weaknesses is fast food she tells us she’s lately all about homemade smoothies and she sensuously makes one for us (hence our title: Sensual Smoothies). Next she shows off her keyboard which she uses for making dance music remixes, while showing off her music gear she also shows off her vivacious body. Then we get to our favorite part, where Kasara Larson gives a long lingering look at her well-shaped form. Decked out in a revealing black lingerie set proves to us how gorgeous a woman can be.

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