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Kristina Pohlmann is the luxurious babe from from Wilmington, North Carolina, she’s a brunette with classic features and she looks like a Hollywood star from the Golden Age, or a pinup girl from the first decade of Playboy. That said, even though she has that vintage visage, she’s an exciting modern woman, with a frisky sexy vibe and a fun loving embrace of all that is sensual. A striking woman with her long brown hair, bright smile, and a taut athletic build with her what-you-need-to-know-measurements at 34B-23-33. We asked her what she likes to do when she wants to feel alluring, “I love dressing up in sexy lingerie, it’s my favorite,” Kristina said. That works out well as we love it when she dresses up in sexy lingerie too! We shot her in sunny Florida, outside by the pool with the greenery and the sun complimenting her lovely frame, all decked out in a polka dot two piece bikini swimsuit, the same scintillating outfit that inspired the name of her exclusive photo set and our video “Polka Dots”. Kristina embodies the feminine ideal as she poses by the pool. Our already fantastic filmed feature gets even better when she straps on the rollerskates and goes for a little romp, all the time looking amazing.


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