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Kyara Tyler! Where to even start!! Every inch of her is pure perfection. From her long platinum blonde hair to her seductive glance to her unbeatable 34D bosom to her long toned legs to her rock hard abs to her long stellar legs she’s a  goddess-like babe who is a joy to behold. You know, with just the barest viewing of her photosets or videos, that this Los Angeles native is a winner in the looks department, and she’s also a fascinating and talented woman. Kyara has a number of diverse interests, for instance at the moment she’s training to become a licensed helicopter pilot. And, that’s not all, if you’re wondering how she keeps that elegant body of hers in such amazing shape it’s all thanks to her interest in circus arts, as she explained to us, “I am very active in circus arts. I train on silks, lyra, trapeze and pole. These arts are so physical—they help me stay flexible and connected to my body. I also get inspired for new posing ideas while practicing and performing.” That’s not all! When not flying or on the trapeze she’s also under the sea logging hours to get her Scuba Master Diver certification. Kyara’s just unbeatable, drink her up in our scintillating video, Drip Drop, above.  

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