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Kylie Johnson is a drop dead beautiful wonder. The kind of woman who stuns every room she walks into, turns all the heads her way as she walks down the street and is just generally true Playmate material. Born to an African-American father and German mother, she has long, dark hair, warm tan skin and impressive natural 32D breasts. She was born in California, brought up in upstate New York, and now she goes to class in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she's working hard to become a nurse and an anesthetist. An anesthetist, of course, knocks people unconscious for their’s a fitting profession for such a knockout babe. Kylie did a Casting Call in Toronto, and later, a Special Editions pictorial in Chicago – and she was such a huge hit we welcomed her to Los Angeles to test for Playmate, and without a moment to spare for Valentine's Day she was crowned Miss February 2011. Kylie Johnson is the perfect example of sexy in her exclusive screened spectacular, Drop Dead Beautiful, which is presented for your extreme viewing pleasure up above. Dressed only in her white bra and panties she creates the ultimate sensual fantasy, go ahead and see for yourself.

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