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NOW PLAYING AmateursLegs For Days with Kimber Cox
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Amateur Kimber Cox has legs for days in this seductive video by Jose Luis and Chris Binney. Blonde-haired, brown-eyed and very, very busty, sexy Texan Kimber makes a good first impression in a lacy pink bra and panties. All long legs and high heels, she starts to undress – slipping out of her top, tugging suggestively at the straps of her lace bra – and all along the way, you get a good, long look at all of her best assets. “I love my body, but my dimples are my favorite part,” says Kimber. “They’re cute, and they make me look young. I get a lot of compliments on my butt – and believe it or not, I’ve got dimples above that, too.” If you’ve got a compliment for the beautiful Miss Cox, leave her some love in the comments section – let’s give a warm welcome to our latest Amateur, Kimber Cox.

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  • Anonymous
    You said you had some changes done, but as far as I can tell, you would be beautiful either way.