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All-natural Cybergirl Hannah Mae takes a very, very hot shower in this steamy video by Holly Randall. After a swim in the pool, Hannah can’t wait to rinse off in a nice, hot shower – and she can’t wait for you to join her. She undoes her bikini top, letting the water run in streams over her breasts and stomach, and then her bottoms – and let’s just say that a hot shower is about to get even hotter. “When it comes to men, I don’t necessarily have a type,” says Hannah, hinting. “I like a guy who knows how to make a connection.” Better brush up on those interpersonal skills, guys – Hannah is one gorgeous girl, and lucky for you, she’s right here on Playboy.

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  • LazarusStirs .
    LazarusStirs .
    Just watched the uncensored full version of this video. IT"S AWFUL. It's an insult to call it a "Nude" video. There is no basic frontal nudity in the whole damn video. It's under three minutes long, Why even bother? Same thing for the pictorial. Is Playboy Plus going insane, How are you putting out content for your web site in the year 2013 with ZERO frontal nudity. It's essentially topless content. Just awful and insulting. HORRIBLE stuff. Lear how to make a damn video.