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NOW PLAYING AmateursMarie Lucano - Tequila Sunrise
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A romantic at heart, Amateur Marie Lucano can be won over with flowers, dinners and attention. The latter being the easiest. It’s hard to take your eyes off of this sexy brunette once she enters your field of vision. In “Tequila Sunrise,” Marie teases in her lace bra and panties. And just like the drink, she is sweet, incredibly intoxicating and we can’t have enough. With her doe eyes, full lips and 34D bust, Marie doesn’t need to ask for attention, she wordlessly demands it. Don’t be fooled though. Marie will make you work for it. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina she is used to men with southern charm and hospitality. So brush off your etiquette manual, remember to always hold out her chair and never, ever talk with your mouth full to this dental hygienist student.

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