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NOW PLAYING Special EditionMegan Medellin & Ariana Loken - Pink Dominance
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Cybergirls Megan Medellin and Ariana Loken are back together in an effort to top their sexy girl on girl video and photo shoot last December: Double Trouble. Now the two girls are playing dominant vs submissive in Pink Dominance. While redhead Megan Medellin dons leather lingerie and a subservient attitude, brunette Ariana cracks the whip with little more than red lipstick, a cat o’ nine tails and an aggressively sexual attitude. Between playful slaps to the butt, hair pulling and kissing, these are two girls that are glad to be back for more. Though probably not as much as we’re glad to have them back. Both Ariana and Megan have graced our site numerous times, and each sexy solo set leaves us hungering for more. But seeing these two together is the best New Year’s present anyone could ask for. The only question we have remaining is when do we get to see more? Now excuse us while we head to Playboy Plus to watch the entire video of these two hot ladies

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  • Anonymous
    that was very sexy until the end