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NOW PLAYING PlaymatesMiss August 2011 - Iryna Ivanova
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Miss August 2011 - Iryna Ivanova

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  • Anonymous
    wow! those eyes are just too charmin!!! u good
  • mystery man
    mystery man
    Iryna, I am not lying when I say you are one of the most beautiful women I have Ever seen. I was SO Happy and Proud when I found out, that a woman originally from Ukraine is a PMOM in the U.S.!! Finally, the world is seeing Ukrainian women for whatthey are; TRUE GODDESSES!! Back in "the old days", Ukrainian women were portrayed as a bunch of fat, ugly trolls, or babushkas. Akh, that was then; I would definitely want to forget those days. To see such beauty as yourself raises any man'sspirits a thousand fold. All I have to say is Slava Ukrayini!!!