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She’s so nice, they named her once. That’s all it took for us to fall in love with Mosh, just four letters and one second of being in her presence. Alt model Mosh gets racy and lacy while she shows off a vintage car fit for a dapper gentleman of yesteryear wearing the garb to go along with it. Her purple curly hair, red lips and bedroom eyes will make anyone melt. As soon as she starts her lustrous striptease of her stockings, and garter, you’ll truly understand why we think Mosh is a piece of fine art. In this exclusive behind the scenes footage of her shoot “Dirty Antics” Mosh admits that as soon as she turned 18, she borrowed a dominatrix dungeon to do a latex lingerie and bondage photo shoot. Talk about a wild night! Her personal fetishes include corsets, gorgeous lingerie, high heels, stockings, rubber and boots. She loves anything that accentuates the feminine hour glass figure and when it comes to her photo shoots, she loves to be heavily involved, from her hair to designing her own outfits, which is why she loves alternative modeling. Get to know more about this unique beauty and see her exclusive all pictorials on Playboy Plus!


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  • Kerry
    The CyberGirls are all perfect for these kinds f shoots an Mosh is no Exception she really has a the perfect figure for Burlesque, Pin up, etc. I think this video was done very tastefully an has a wonderful feel to it. Loved the music. BTW... Mosh's voice is sultry an hs a sexy timbre too it that draws e in to her.
  • The Dame
    The Dame
    Mosh > Dita. I relate so much more to Mosh than I do to Dita. Mosh is one of the most unique models out there in terms of posing and facial expression, no one does it like her. She somehow makes every shoot look different with the creative use of her body and face. I love her to pieces!