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Amateur Nikki Marie may seem coy, but her sugary sweet attitude is the reason why she is the object of our devotion in her first Playboy flick “Loft Living.” Shot in downtown Los Angeles, Nikki Marie plays the role of a hip blonde, living the life in a breezy apartment. Bad ass motorcycle in the background included! As she descends the stairs, we catch a glimpse of her playful blue thong, sensuous tight legs, sexy ass and petite stature. It doesn’t take long for Nikki Marie to get comfortable, teasing and taunting us by pulling at her oversized shirt giving us a taste of her supple breasts underneath. Eventually goes as au naturel as this video can get by shedding the shirt and lounging on her couch in her see through bra. The video takes a makes a sensual turn,once she begins exploring her body and loses herself in her inhibitions. There’s no denying that this petite blonde babe will make you beg for it, but will soon make herself your new favorite model with every move she makes. See what else Nikki Marie has to show you in her photo set and videos available exclusively on Playboy Plus.


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