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Playmate Pamela Horton was lucky enough to head down to Las Vegas during CES 2014. If you’re not aware of what goes on at this conference, it’s essentially all of the biggest names in consumer electronics showing off what they have in store for the following year. This year our Gamer Next Door was lucky enough to score interviews with some of the big game changers who were there to show off their gadgets, accessories and huge advancements in the field of technology. On Day one Pam chatted with Virtuix Omni CEO Jan Goetgeluk about their virtual reality interface can bring you right into the game you’re playing. Coupled with the Oculus Rift, the Virtuix Omni is an absolutely incredible gaming experience. We saw our chance and took it when someone left the Valve door open to play a few minutes of Portal two on one of their upcoming Steam Machines that will drop sometime in 2014. After checking out the Steam Machine we got into a gaming mood and dropped by Square Enix’s booth to chat with Technical Art Director Jean-Normand Bucci about why they decided to reboot the Thief series for the next gen consoles. 
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