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NOW PLAYING CybergirlsPublic Shower with Shay VanBurin
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Cybergirl Shay VanBurin is a tease in this sensual video by Jose Luis and Chris Binney. Hot brunette Shay wears a short leather skirt, but not for long – it’s time for a shower, and she can’t wait to get undressed and step under the steaming hot water. “When I go out on a Friday night, I don’t like to make plans,” says Shay. “Or anyway, no plans that I have to stick to – but from beginning to end, it’s always an adventure.” From bars and clubs to raves and festivals, Shay loves to do it all, but as a go-go dancer, she’s heard more than her fair share of pick-up lines. “In my line of work, I get a lot of bros asking for my number,” she says. “I’m so not into that. Talk to me like a real person, and then we’ll talk!” That said, if you do get her number, don’t be afraid – Shay doesn’t bite, and she’s definitely up for a little good-natured fun. “If you do have my number, just call me,” she says. “We can stay in and play video games. That’s my idea of the perfect date!”

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