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NOW PLAYING CybergirlsRebecca Carter - Smooth Caramel
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It’s the perfect scene. Sunlight streams into a spectacular, modern living room decorated sparingly with key design pieces and plenty of space. Enter drop-dead gorgeous Playboy model, Rebecca Carter, wearing nothing but a few bits of sexy black and pewter lingerie. We think her getup suits her very well and we would condone her wearing nothing but scraps of lingerie any day, any way, if that’s something she enjoys doing. In this sexy little number, tellingly titled “Smooth Caramel,” the magnetic Playboy Cybergirl strolls softly through the room, and we’re torn between admiring the furniture (it’s very nice) and catching glimpses of that perfect booty (it’s infinitely nicer). Rebecca Carter tosses her long brunette mane and perches herself down on an easy chair, glancing our way with demure, downcast eyes. Is this an invitation? It would seem to be... Rebecca Carter arches her back against the chair seductively. She looks as sweet and tawny as a caramel dessert. Satisfy your sweet tooth: see more of the sensual Rebecca Carter’s behind the scenes footage and beautiful nude pictures over on Playboy Plus. brings you all the latest news, lifestyle, movie reviews, gamer experiences and event coverage on Playmates, CyberGirls, Amateurs, Coeds and Celebrities.

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