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Argentinian International model Marga Cifuentes makes waves in this seductive video from producer Mariano Rocca. Brown-haired, brown-eyed and all natural, Marga is one hot Latina – and in the nude, she’ll really get your motors running. Join the beautiful Miss Cifuentes aboard her boat, and watch as she divests herself of all her clothes, revealing every inch of her curvy little body. One look at Miss Cifuentes, and you’ll be more than ready to go below deck. “Playboy is a legend,” says Marga. “Some of the prettiest girls of all time are Playboy models. I’m comfortable in my own skin, and in front of the camera – I think that this is only the beginning for me.” Here’s hoping – if you’re a fan of Marga Cifuentes, then this video is really going to float your boat.

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