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Playboy Cybergirl Shallana Marie poses with her surfboard in a slick black one-piece bathing suit that leaves very little to the imagination. Let’s be frank a moment. Did you ever see such a plunging one-piece? Probably not. Not in real life. There are just these two little black straps, like suspenders, that run down Shallana Marie’s curvaceous torso. It’s the kind of bathing suit you have to be very careful not to displace. Unless you’re in San Tropez, possibly, where that kind of top part of your bathing suit displacement is perfectly natural. To most of us red-blooded Americans that dramatic, plunging V remains a welcome jolt to the system, though, and that’s not a bad thing. We’re all for welcome jolts. The narrative: Shallana Marie practices surfing. She then slips her fine self into the water because she’s just so hot she really should cool down. It’s really a health matter. And she’s doing the right thing for her health and safety, and ours, too. Suddenly, goddess-like she emerges. Water runs in rivulets over her tanned body. Here we must take a moment. We really have to pause and possibly get out our gratitude journals: the perfection of Shallana Marie’s booty is really undeniable. See the entire exclusive pictorial on Playboy Plus. brings you all the latest news, lifestyle, movie reviews, gamer experiences and event coverage on Playmates, CyberGirls, Amateurs, Coeds and Celebrities.

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    Hey baby shallana marie i just love your video surf rider. It's really awsome you rock sexy and i'am really crazy in love with you. xoxoxox. love you.