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Canadian model Khloë Terae is your Cybergirl of the Month for January 2014, and she gets up close and personal in this special day-in-the-life feature by Holly Randall. Tall, with blonde hair, sweet brown eyes and curves that would turn just about any girl green with envy, Khloë’s rise to Playboy fame has been meteoric, to say the least. “I started out as a Bunny,” she says, modest. “I worked at the Playboy Club in Cancun. Since then, I’ve been Playmate seven times – first in Mexico, then Greece, South Africa, Croatia, Venezuela, Romania and Slovakia. And now I’m Cybergirl of the Month for American Playboy!” Cue heads spinning like a globe – and hearts pounding for good measure. “I haven’t been to South Africa yet, but my cousin, April Eve, just became their Miss December – so we’re going there to host a Playboy party together. I’m really excited.” “My Cybergirl of the Month shoot was so awesome,” says Khloë. “Holly followed me around all day, filming me doing all the things I like to do – it was a little more personal, so you guys get to know a bit more about me.” In a tight pair of booty shorts, Khloe is definitely someone you’ll want to get to know – and now that she’s Cybergirl of the Month, you’ll get to do just that. “I do yoga almost every day,” she says. “I’m really not a morning person, but when I do yoga, I start my day fresh and happy. I’m from cold, snowy Canada, so when I moved to Miami, I fell in love with the sun and the ocean. I could sit on the beach for hours without a care in the world.” After an invigorating session of morning yoga, Khloë indulges her sweet tooth with a little baking – and without giving away the ending, let’s just say that most of the frosting ends up on Khloë. “I love baking, especially cupcakes,” she says. “Thanks for making me Cybergirl of the Month – I’ll see you guys again soon!”

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  • Anonymous
    Gorgeous!!! I want to see more of Khloe!