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Stacey Kay creates the ultimate sensual fantasy and shows off her famous behind right here on via another winning video which we’ve simply, and appropriately, titled Bubble Booty. There’s been a lot of discussion in the media lately about hefty butts, twerking and bubble booties, so why not find out what the big fuss is all about by seeing the best example of the phenomena by taking in this vid of the phenomenal Stacey Kay. Her bountiful behind is partly genetic and partly regular exercise (though she emphasizes she’s no fitness junkie per se, she just does a regular routine to keep that nice bod of hers in peak condition) these are what give her the keister that just will not stop. But enough about her butt, we can’t just focus on one aspect of Stacey, because she’s the whole package. She’s half Panamanian with a tanned complexion, deep brown eyes, lustrous brown hair and a tiny waist (a tiny waist...but packing provocative curves all over!). Originally from Pennsylvania she’s lived all over the nation and is now based in Arizona. A natural model she’s been working hard to achieve in the modelling world, Stacy tells us, “I went to a modeling school when I was younger, so I have a portfolio, ” she continues, “I’ve always wanted to be a model, and I’ve been given a great opportunity to get started with Playboy.”

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