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NOW PLAYING InternationalStairway to UK with Ann Denise
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British International model Ann Denise is so seductive in this video by Joby Rawlins. Brown-haired, blue-eyed and very curvy, voluptuous Ann is the virtual embodiment of male desire. “Some would describe me as ‘nice’, but they don’t know what I’m like in the bedroom,” says Ann, stifling a laugh. “I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, and I can really be quite naughty!” Talk about a nude descending a staircase – watch as busty Ann comes downstairs, one step at a time, tugging playfully at her pink tank and panties. “I’ve got a really curvy, womanly figure, with a small waist and nice, big hips,” she says. “I’m really comfortable with my body, and Playboy is the perfect way for me to show it off. Women should celebrate their curves.” We’d say that her curves are worthy of a holiday all their own – so sit back and let the celebration begin with the sensuous Ann Denise, only on Playboy.

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  • Anonymous
    I can't get enough of this gorgeous creature. An early Cyber Girl of the Year candidate in my opinion - Long time Playboy fan