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NOW PLAYING CybergirlsSublime Babe with Jeana Turner
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Cybergirl Jeana Turner is a total babe in this video by Holly Randall. All natural, with tousled brown hair and green eyes, Jeana comes to bed in a lace bra, panties and garters. All spread out on the bed, she starts to undress – first her bra, and then her panties, letting them fall around her ankles – and she leaves her stockings on, just for you. “When it comes to sex, I don’t kiss and tell,” says Jeana. “I hear other girls talking about their craziest sexual experiences, and mine just don’t compare. Who knows – maybe I need to broaden my horizons!” Broad or not, we love you just the way you are, Miss Turner – your sex appeal is definitely incomparable.

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