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A professional model, a Playboy Amateur girl, a pro dancer, and a snowboarding instructor? Talor Paige really is the full package, the real deal. Not to mention she’s drop dead delectable, a blonde beaut who you won’t be able to get out of your head now that you’ve laid eyes on her. This Los Angeles gal is a wild one, she lives life to the fullest and knows that this is Talor’s world and we’re all just along for the ride. In her exclusive interview she tells us she was raised by hardcore old school hippies who instilled in her the virtues of nonconformity (and they blessed her with the idiosyncratic spelling of her name, but that’s the least wild and memorable aspect about this honey) and we’re glad this steamy gal was brought up to live life to the fullest. Did we happen to mention both the name of her photo set and the footage we took behind the scenes is Wild One?! Watch her dance, jump, and throw some pillows around as she sexily demonstrates what it’s all about. But be warned, you’re going to be taunted and tempted and tantalized taking in Talor strutting her stuff in her black bra set...but it’s a fine, fine, thing!!

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