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NOW PLAYING CybergirlsTania Funes - Sweet Lollipop
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You’re going to thrill to Tania Funes sweetly flirting with you in this video shot of her on the set for her exclusive pictorial Sweet Lollipop. Is she naughty or nice? Innocent or seductive? Is Tania experienced or does she need someone to show her the ropes. Maybe it’s not “either or” but a mix of all of the above. Judge for yourself and see her show herself off in her heart shaped sunglasses, wholesome white dress, and the best accessory: a lolly to suck on. This retro-themed video, made to look as it’s a classic film from the 1950s or 60s, only gets better as sultry blues plays and her dress comes off to reveal a sultry candy colored swimming suit. Everything comes up a notch as the old timey blues get remixed with a sexy beat and Tania makes your mouth water with moves that are classic and timeless. Everything about this nubile Cybergirl is sexy, she’s a 5”4 Latina from Los Angeles with long, long, brown hair and eyes you can get lost in. She’s a natural model with both the verve and the look it takes. We had in twice as an Amateur and now she’s graduated up to Cybergirl and it’s obvious why!

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