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Tara Marie started posing with (under the name of Tara Vaughn) back in 2007 when she was a college girl. Back in those halcyon school days she did four photo shoots for our Student Bodies series—that’s as far as some models get but we had to have her back. Now she has returned as a Cybergirl, under her birth name of Tara Marie, and we couldn’t be happier as this hot temptress is a keeper. She lives in Cleveland,Ohio, the city with the best nickname: "The Rock and Roll Capital of the World". Awesome nicknames aside she tells us Cleveland is a pretty slow place, but any city that has Tara in it can’t be too boring. She goes on to tell us it’s a fantastic location for snowboarding and winter sports and that she likes to hit the slopes...we’d rather this babe stretched out on the beach but we’ll take her as a snow bunny any day! A gal with a provocative body and packing a provocative personality to match, she tells us she was a bit of a rebel in her younger years. You can witness her fierce rebellious energy in our brief film for you, Hot Temptress.


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  • Anonymous
    she is beautiful hott@
  • Anonymous
    The title is kind of redundant. I mean, temptresses that aren't hot dont usually keep their jobs.