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Playmate Emily Agnes wears her nudity very, very well in this seductive video from Playboy. Tall and slim, with brown hair, green eyes and full lips, Emily is a regular English rose, and in little more than a silk kimono, she’s about as enticing as it gets. “My best physical features are my legs and my eyes,” she says. “My legs are very long for my height, so I look a lot taller. And my eyes ‘cause they’re green. I think eyes say it all.” But what about those beautiful, natural breasts? “I grew them myself,” she says proudly. “I never used to have any. I’m a late bloomer – I think that’s why they’re so perky.” Since her first appearance at a London party, Emily’s rather considerable assets have gotten her a lot of attention, and now that she’s a Playmate, she’s taking it all in stride. “British girls have beauty, poise and class,” says Emily. “So on a grander scale, I think I make a pretty good Playmate!” We think so, too.

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