What to Consider When Hitting on Your Bartender

By Indulgence

You sit down at the bar, have a few drinks, get to some chatting and you’ll be damned if you don’t think that there’s a real connection with the bartender serving you. They’re asking you questions! They’re laughing at your jokes! They’re really flirting here! So you start getting the bright idea that you should ask them out. Well, before you go through with it, make sure to watch this video. We gathered America’s best bartenders to find out how you should go about hitting on your bartender. Most importantly, they discuss the signals you should look for to make sure you don’t confuse flirting with them just doing their job well.

Bartenders, in order of appearance:
Killian Oliver, Lynnette Marrero, Charles Joly, Lisa Palmer, Eric Bugosh, C.J. Nielsen, Pam Wiznitzer, Karen Grill, Alex Day, Julia Momose, Gillian White, Sam Parrie, Bobby Heugel, Yael Vengroff, Sly Augustin and Erick Castro

Producer, Director & Writer: Jeremy Repanich
Directors of Photography: Jenna Morse and Lee Fritz
Coordinating Producer: Alyson Sheppard
Editor: Backlot Digital
Executive Producer: Brian Berkowitz

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