The History of Cyberpunk Phenomenon 'Deus Ex'

The History of Cyberpunk Phenomenon ‘Deus Ex’

Warren Spector was tired of fantasy and science fiction video games. It was the early 1990s, and Spector worked for game developer Origin as a producer on titles such as Ultima Underworld, System Shock and Wing Commander. He had an idea for a big-budget game set in the real world: Called Troubleshooter, it would star an ex-cop turned security specialist who tackled all the dirty jobs the police or government didn’t want to do. Stealth and strategy would be just as important as shooting. Each mission would offer multiple solutions, enabling players to tackle problems as they saw fit. This idea became Deus Ex, one of the greatest PC games of all time. Lauded for its excellent design and innovation by the Game Developers Choice Awards, the Interactive Achievement Awards and BAFTA, it sold over a million copies and spawned a number of sequels. The latest entry in the franchise, Mankind Divided, arrives on multiple platforms worldwide today. But in 1994, Origin wasn’t interested…