Dressing well isn’t about being noticed from across the street—it’s about being admired from across the table. Accessories exist to amplify our looks in subtle and nuanced ways. Much like exotic spices, they can and should be used to accentuate the flavor of whatever you’re wearing.

There aren’t really any formal “rules” for wearing accessories, aside from the fact that you should never wear more than three at a time. Unlike, say, suits or shoes, accessories are the free agents of the style world. What this means for you, dear reader, is that anything and everything is fair game. Need to bring some pop to your minimalist chic look? Try adding a bold belt to your monochrome getup. Want to class up your weekend ensemble? Simply add a gourmet baseball cap cut from imported Italian wool. Be bold! Or not! Do what works for you. We are just sharing recipes and suggestions here. The rest, that’s just you cooking.

Join us we explore the small touches and accessories that can take your look from merely serviceable to stylin’.

This fall, ditch your crusty old cotton snapback from college and upgrade to a baseball cap cut from a luxurious wool fabric. A ball cap pairs well with everything from a badass leather jacket to a preppy shetland sweater. For some extra pizzazz, we recommend copping one in a textured fabric, like this handsome “shaggy dog” model from NYC neo-prep kings Noah.

Whether you’re jetting off to your friend’s ski chalet or just heading to Trader Joe’s to stock up on pasta after hitting the gym, a waterproof waxed cotton weekend bag will do wonders for your needs. Sturdy, dependable and handsome, it’s the kind of accessory you should buy once and use forever. Look for one with a thick, waxy coating, like this handsome model from luxe bag masters Boarding Pass NYC. Its patina will only improve with age.

Match your handsome shoes with the sartorial soulmate (solemate?) of their dreams by investing in a pair of high-end textured socks. Not only will they keep your tootsies nice and warm during those brisk fall nights, they can also add some discreet visual interest to any work or weekend look. We love this super-cozy pair from Druthers, made in Japan from a signature blend of new and recycled fabrics. Bonus tip: Thick melange socks are great for padding out slightly oversized boots and sneakers.

While you probably still have that $30 black leather belt you wore to your third cousin’s wedding, it’s time for an upgrade. Make a statement (without dropping your pants) by investing in a colorful woven belt. Woven belts hit the perfect tone between preppy and messy, and can be worn with everything from Vans and a white tee to a corduroy suit and loafers. If you’re on the hunt, we love anything by the Italian-made brand Anderson’s.

Do you think fashion can and should be fun? Do you want to use your clothing as a platform for sharing your wise-ass sense of humor with the world? Sporting a high-quality enamel pin is a great way to show that you don’t take yourself too too seriously. Simply affix a killer pin to your blazer, overcoat or bag and let your freak flag fly! Case in point: Is this a pin of two Grateful Dead bears copulating? Take our money!