Some travelers are still reluctant to stay in Airbnbs, and I suppose I get their hesitation: Why would you want to sleep in a stranger’s house when you can retire to a nicer, and probably more sanitary, hotel room? Plus, you do assume a little bit more risk of being murdered when you crash at a rando’s house—I’m talking the tiniest risk, like 0.04 percent—and that’s not nothing when choosing your lodging.

Airbnb recognizes this dilemma (maybe not the murder part), and so is reportedly set to unveil a new high-end service to appeal to wealthier, snobbier travelers who haven’t taken yet taken the plunge into the glorious world of online rentals. Per Bloomberg, the company will soon match guests with quality-inspected homes and apartments that offer some of the same amenities found in fancier hotels.

Here’s how it will work: If you’re a host, Airbnb will send official inspectors to check out your digs to make sure you check off all the company’s quality standards: new and matching bedding, single-use toiletries, bottled water and tea and coffee, among others, according to The Verge. If your space passes the test, it could be featured in a prominent section on Airbnb’s site and app, according to sources. Best of all, Bloomberg hints that Airbnb may offer potential incentives for hosts with high-end spaces, so start buying rolls of soft-ass toilet paper in bulk now.

Airbnb is rumored to be testing the new service—tentatively called “Select”—with a few hosts this week, and is expected to fully launch the premium tier by the end of the year. Watch your back, Marriott.