No one in the history of the written word has been more synonymous with his or her publication than Hugh Hefner, founder and editor in chief of Playboy. (Fine, King James had his Bible, but we’re guessing he didn’t have half as much fun while overseeing it.) Hefner didn’t just run a magazine that featured naked women; he facilitated a conversation around sex, desire and politics that wasn’t happening in print anywhere in the world—and that continues today, 64 years later.

The focus of Amazon’s newest original show, aptly titled American Playboy, is the trajectory of the magazine-cum-revolution that put Hefner at the center of the battle for free speech and civil rights. It was because of—not despite—the decision to feature the nude female form that Playboy became inherently political, the nexus of a global debate on sexuality, identity and the way we view our deepest desires.

Behind it all is Hefner, raconteur and rebel, both suave and smart, a public figure who excelled in private fantasies. American Playboy unpacks who Hef is, what he aimed to do and why it matters more than ever.

Stream American Playboy in its entirety on Amazon starting April 7.