Amazon’s Alexa is only as smart as the commands it can recognize, and what it does with those commands. That’s why Amazon has been racing to add as many “skills” to the digital assistant/speaker/artificial intelligence device.

Just last month, Amazon celebrated Alexa’s 10,000th skill, and now they’ve added a new one from beer-maker Anheuser-Busch that, while clearly a sponsor play, is pretty cute. Called ULTRA 95, the skill will answer to “Alexa, open Ultra Ninety Five” and will read off workouts you can do that will burn 95 calories, the same number of calories in Michelob ULTRA low-carb beer.

According to Amazon’s page for the Skill, you can use it to get instructions for strength, conditioning, or mobility workouts.

They go on to say, “We worked with some of the best fitness experts in the business to bring you quick workouts that you can do on your schedule from the convenience of your home. It’s your very own personal trainer in your living room, ready to go whenever you are!”

The voice commands, along with “Alexa, open Ultra Ninety Five” also include “Alexa, ask Ultra Ninety Five for more information about this skill” and “Alexa, tell Ultra Ninety Five to start a mobility workout.”

Here’s the kicker: You have to be 21 or older to use the skill, so make sure your date of birth is listed in your Alexa companion app.