As drone technology becomes more common, so too do the risks associated with them. Just this month we learned that Islamic State fighters have used grenade-equipped drones in Mosul. A firm from Australia and the United States called DroneShield seeks to answer this new threat—as well as the many nonlethal dilemmas they pose here at home—through the development of an anti-drone gun.

The gun uses signal-jamming technology based to disable the flight mechanics of a threatening drone. Its effective distance is up to 1.2 miles, thus allowing a potentially dangerous drone to be downed from a comfortable vantage point. As much as we wish the gun made the drone spin erratically until it implodes, the so-called DroneGun compels users to take a gentler approach, as you can see in this clip:

According to the website, the gun can be operated by a single person without training. Simply put on the accompanying backpack, point the gun and click. The jamming tech then works to lower the offending drone to the ground without damaging it. Keeping it intact permits law enforcement to use it as evidence for prosecution. The gun also posseses the ability to detect drones that are invisible to radar.

If you’re getting excited, hold your horses: The product has not been licensed by the FCC, so we yanks can’t go around grounding drones just yet.



Other anti-drone options, such as the SkyWall100, use a more primitive measure via nets that catch onto the rotors of a suspicious drone. Still, it’s not technically a ray gun, so it’s not nearly as cool as the DroneShield.