Ashley Graham is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and bagels are one of the most delicious carbohydrates in the world. A new clip, shared on Instagram by Glamour fashion director Jillian Davison, brings them together in what has to be the sexiest and perhaps silliest video involving bagels ever.


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Who could have imagined that we’d get to see Ashley Graham, topless, and holding bagels against her bare breasts as she shimmies seductively? This Boomerang clip is a reminder that while the internet is full of disturbing news stories, it also has the potential to improve our lives on a daily basis. Let’s be grateful to Graham for having the wherewithal to combine her breasts and bagels, and to Jillian Davison for sharing this vision with the world. Want to see a few more Instagram videos featuring Ms. Graham?

In this W interview, she whispers everything she says. Some people claim that listening to whispering and other soft noises gives them “head orgasms.” The phenomenon is called ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, and this is Graham’s first experience with it:

ASMR Interview with @wmag

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Here’s a video of her working out with her personal trainer. As she runs, he pulls her backward to add extra resistance.

Confessions with @Tiny_dp …

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And here’s a Boomerang clip she posted yesterday. It’s not as life-changing as the one featuring the bagel bra, but it’s still pretty hot:


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